DIY Beige Gender Reveal Balloon Kit - Tips and Tricks

We have been making these beauties in our business since 2020. But now we want to share the love and make it more accessible for you to DIY at home.  By now you've most likely viewed the instructional video on YouTube, but we'd like to provide some additional tips to ensure a smooth assembly process for your Gender Reveal Kit. We know how important this day is and want this process to be smooth and stress free! Let's break down the steps. 

You can purchase the DIY kit here

1. Filling the Balloon With Confetti 

Its important to roll the neck all the way down so you can open the balloon up large enough to pour in your confetti. This is a two many job, so grab a buddy to help you. 

2. Turn the Black Balloon Beige

Use the same technique to get the black balloon inside the beige. 

3. Inflate

The balloon is now ready to inflate. Where possible we always recommend helium inflation by a professional. This is the trickiest part so if you can outsource it, do it. If not, we have your back. 

Tips for professionals: Ensure they inflate with at least 70% helium. These balloons are heavier than the standard black balloon (double the thickness) + the weight of the tail. We inflate to around 70cm, you want to leave them with a bit of give so they are not to fragile. When they put it on the string and weight it, ask them to leave the additional on so you can use it to tie your tassel tail, as per the image below. 

Make sure your car boot is empty and always transport them home in a balloon bag. You don't want them accidentally brushing against anything on the way home.  

Inflating at home: Make sure you have enough helium to fill your balloon. The 90cm balloon filled to approx 70-75cm will use roughly 8 cu ft (.226m3) of helium. 

Use your gold string to measure out the 70cm length. As per the Youtube video, start at the wall and then use a chair, lamp or anything with a fixed, straight edge. Inflate your balloon, regularly checking the size to ensure it still fits in the gap you have created. 

String is not included in this kit, so make sure you have some on hand along with a heavy duty weight if you plan to pop this indoors. 

Tie the string above the knot of your balloon and tie three knots just to be sure.  Make sure you leave a long enough secondary piece as per the image above for the tail.

4. Add the Text

We covered this in detail in the video. Our pro tip is to start with the family name or whatever text will be in the centre to keep everything aligned. Have your balloon against a wall when you are applying text so you can apply pressure when pressing text on. 

When peeling transfer tape off gently remove the tape at a 45-degree angle. Start from one corner and slowly peel it back, ensuring that the vinyl lettering adheres smoothly to the balloon's surface. Take your time and work carefully to avoid tearing or stretching the vinyl. If any letters lift off with the transfer tape, gently press them back onto the balloon using your fingers.

5. Add your Tail

We love the fact that our tails require no assembly. Just give them a good shake to fluff them up and tie directly onto the balloon. 

6. It's time to POP

He or She... What will baby be? 

Watch the tutorial here: 

Disclamer: Just a quick heads-up: while we've got your back every step of the way, we can't be held responsible if your balloon decides to burst. To avoid any unexpected surprises, make sure not to over inflate it, and be cautious when carrying it around. Safety first, right? Thanks for understanding!


  1. How do I ensure the confetti stays hidden inside the balloon?

    Unlike a lot of other online brands, we put our confetti inside a black balloon, then the beige balloon to ensure the colour of your confetti remains a secret.
    For comparison - here is one we purchased from aliexpress that was advertising their product using one of our images. Spoiler's a boy!

  2. Can I use helium to inflate the balloon?

    We recommend inflating this balloon with helium. Get a professional to do it if possible. If you use air, you will have to hold it up by the neck to give the impression that its floating. In our video, we had it on a stand, but also had a bit of double sided tape on wall to stop it falling over. 

  3. What should I do if my balloon bursts during inflation?

    If your balloon bursts during inflation, unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility. Please take care not to over inflate it and keep it away from hazards.

  4. Are there any specific safety precautions I should follow when handling the balloon?

    It's essential to handle the balloon with care, especially when transporting it. Avoid exposing it to sharp objects or rough surfaces that could cause damage. Transport it in a balloon bag. Do not leave in the car. We recommend leaving it safe in a bedroom until the big reveal. 

  5. Can I customise the colour of the balloon?

    Our Custom Gender Reveal Balloons come in 3 neutral colours. Beige, Lace and Grey. 

  6. How far in advance can I prepare the balloon before the reveal?

    We recommend inflating the morning of your party. You can do it the day before, but in our opinion balloons always look best on the day of inflation. If you do inflate the day prior, leave it in the transport bag and wait until a few hours before your event to put the text on. Balloon shrink over time and depending on temperature. You may end up with wrinkled text if you add it the day prior.  

  7. Are there alternative methods for revealing the gender besides popping the balloon?

    There are so many fun ways to reveal the gender of your babe. We have a whole other blog post on it, you can read the details here. 

  8. Can I reuse the balloon for another occasion?

    Absolutely not. This is a one and done situation! 

  9. How should I dispose of the balloon and confetti after the reveal?

    Our confetti is made from biodegradable tissue paper and will break down over time in your waste. We recommend that you dispose of the confetti responsibly after your event by collecting it and putting it in the bin.

  10. What are the personalisation options for my balloon?

    We have 6 different options for you. please let us know which is your preference in the checkout notes. 

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You can purchase the DIY kit here