Inflation Guide


Standard 11" latex balloons will float for 7 to 12 hours depending on the conditions in which they are kept. Extreme hot and cold temperatures will affect your balloons float time. 

When inflating at a party shop, you may be asked if you want your balloons treated with hi-float. This non-toxic gel will increase the float time of your balloons up to 7 times depending on how well the treatment is administered. If you must inflate your balloons the day before your event, hi-float is necessary. Please ensure you tell the person inflating your balloons the size you would like them as we can not be responsible for balloons that are overinflated and burst. 

If using a Balloon time helium tank, please ensure you follow the directions on the box or visit their website here to find out more.



To get confetti to stick to the sides of the balloon you will need to create static. This can be done but rubbing a microfibre cloth (or clothing) over your balloon after inflating. Gently spin the balloon around until the confetti is evenly spread. You may need to repeat this if confetti falls to the bottom of the balloon.

Helium balloons: For giant balloons, you will need to add a touch of air to your helium as you cannot create static with straight helium. 10% air to 90% helium will still enable your balloon to float for 4-5 days. 

We can not guarantee that the confetti will stay stuck to the walls of the balloon for the duration of your event. 



We recommend using a hand pump or air compressor to inflate your balloons. Using your mouth can make clear balloons appear cloudy.



Helium inflated foil balloons will float for 1 to 5 weeks depending on size. Please take care if you are self-inflating as they will pop if overinflated. It is a good idea to get these filled at your local party shop. 

To fill a foil balloon with air, stick a straw in the valve and blow! To deflate, stick the straw back in the valve until you can push down gently on the balloon and air comes out.



Always take care when transporting your inflated balloons! It is a good idea to transport them in a net or large garbage bag.

Watch out for sharp objects that can pop your balloons! Also pets, hot objects, sharp objects in the boot of your car, kiddies and extreme weather. If you have inflated balloons, it's a good idea to walk the path and clear hazards before getting your balloons to their final destination!

Unfortunately, once the balloons leave our office we are not responsible for the transport of the balloons to the destination. Due to their fragile nature balloons do pop, so please be careful! 

If we are delivering your balloon, we guarantee it will arrive in perfect condition!