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How to put together your balloon garland

Want to make a DIY balloon garland at home? Watch Hannah create a professional looking balloon garland using one of our DIY Balloon Garland Kits. Han is a Mum, accountant and all though an all round super woman is not a balloon professional. So if she can do it, you can too!

How to hang your balloon garland

Ok so you have created your DIY Balloon Garland, now what!? You need to attach it to something. In this video, we show you how to hang your balloon garland on a flat wall using the 3M command hooks. All long as you follow their instructions for removal (here) these babies will come clean off your wall. You can purchase our hanging kits here.


Tips and Tricks for a professional looking DIY Balloon garland

Want your DIY Balloon Garland Kit to look like a pro made it? Follow our tips and tricks bellow to get your garland perfect every time. 

Spoiler alert: Our biggest tip, get your self a balloon inflator! What sets our Balloon Garland Kits apart is the three (or 4, depending on your kit) different size balloons you get. You want a big differentiation in your 40cm & 60cm balloons and i'm telling you this can not be done with your lungs! Believe us, we have tried 😂 

Pick one up on ebay (double nozzle is great, two balloons at once yeehaw) or if you are under the pump (lol) and don't have time to order online then grab this one from your local spotlight store. AND once you have it, you can whip it out for everyyy party when creating your balloon decorations. 

Inflation Guide

Need more information on inflating balloons at home? Click Here for info on 11" balloons, confetti balloons, how long do balloons last?, How long do foil balloons last? We have all the answers for you!