Reducing Our Environmental Impact: Bang Bang Balloons Committed to Sustainability

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. As balloon and party experts, we are aware of the environmental challenges posed by traditional balloon materials and practices. We want to address concerns about the biodegradability of our latex balloons. Our latex balloons are crafted from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), an organic material sourced from sustainably managed farms. NRL is a natural polymer and is indeed biodegradable, meaning it can decay through the action of living organisms. However, we acknowledge that the definition of biodegradability is subject to varying interpretations. When we use the term, we refer to the dictionary definition, which aligns with our product's characteristics. Rest assured, we remain committed to sourcing our balloons from suppliers who are working hard to improve their products and have sustainability at the forefront of their business.

At Bang Bang Balloons, we know how to throw an epic bash while keeping Mother Nature happy. We want to share our eco-friendly party secrets with you so you can purchase from us knowing we have put systems in place to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

The Lowdown on Our Latex

When it comes to balloons, you will only find the best quality latex balloon in our office. The balloons are made from natural latex sourced from tree-tapping pros who know how to keep things sustainable. This means our balloons are biodegradable (as per the dictionary definition above) so as long as you dispose of your balloons correctly, you can enjoy the festivities guilt-free!

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Latex Love: Biodegradability at Its Best

Worried about the aftermath of balloon fun? Fear not, unlike cheaper balloons you might find at a discount store ours do not contain any plastics therefore no plastic balloon waste, no worries for the planet. Our latex balloons will break down over time. Not over night, but you can rest easy knowing once disposed of correctly in your red bin, they will do their thing once they hit landfill and start decomposing.

Responsible Partying, No Plastic Nonsense

High-five to no plastic clips and ties here! Our helium balloons are free from pesky plastics and all latex balloons come on a latex weight. Because what have we learnt? These will break down over time! We do not condone the release of balloons into the environment for any reason and recommend other alternatives such as bubbles, butterflies or floating flowers in a body of water. 

butterfly release
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Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

Partying responsibly is our jam, so we're all about recycling those balloons! After our big bashes, we collect all those latex and foil wonders, toss them in our special bin, and wave them off to TerraCycle – the recycling superheroes. They work their magic, turning balloons into all kinds of crazy cool stuff, from springs to bolts, flooring and matting used in playgrounds. It's recycling like you've never seen before! Having a little bash? Feel free to drop your balloon waste back to use so we can recycle these for you!

terracycle recycling balloons

Fun with Helium!

Helium, the magical gas that makes balloons float, is both non-toxic and non-flammable, making it perfect for creating that whimsical party atmosphere.

Supagas, our top-notch helium supplier, ensures that the helium used for inflating balloons isn't wasted. While it may not be pure enough for medical or scientific purposes, it's a valuable by-product collected during the production of medical-grade helium. By recycling this resource, we not only reduce waste but also offset the cost of medical helium, making it a win-win situation.

However, it's essential to use helium responsibly. Inhalation of helium can be dangerous and even fatal, leading to symptoms similar to asphyxia. When inhaled, helium cuts off the supply of oxygen, causing dizziness, unconsciousness, and, in extreme cases, death. So, while we love using helium for balloons, safety should always come first! Let's keep the fun floating and the celebration safe! 

Some Fast Facts from our supplier Qualatex to summarise!

  • Our latex balloons are made from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL).
  • Latex is harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the tree.
  • Each tree—and there are billions—consumes CO₂, thus reducing global warming.
  • When latex is processed, each part of the product is used.
  • After the tree no longer produces latex, it is harvested and its wood is turned into lumber.
  • Each year mature trees are tapped, old trees are harvested, new trees are planted, and CO₂ is consumed.

Join us in our mission to celebrate with a twist of green! Bang Bang Balloons is all about spreading joy while being kind to our planet. So let's have a blast, make memories, and keep the party vibe alive – responsibly! 🌍🎈

You party, we planet! 🌿🎉

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